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Animal Care

If you want to start a career involving animals, you will need to be well qualified. To get you started in this competitive job market, an animal care course at Wiltshire College Lackham will set you on the path to success! Our animal centre is the main learning resource for all animal care students, and houses an extensive range of domestic and exotic animals. As part of your course, you will combine academic study with practical duties in the animal centre, which provides valuable experience when it comes to seeking employment. Wiltshire College Lackham also has a farm which is home to mixed livestock such as dairy and beef cattle, sheep and pigs, as well as a public dog grooming parlour on campus, which students access to broaden their learning. Study tours and educational visits are organised to zoos and animal related events, including Crufts Dog Show, which helps further your understanding of the animal industry. All of the staff have worked in animal related industries and bring expertise and specialist skills to reflect the diverse range of opportunities open to you after your course is finished. At the end of your course, you could progress into employment in areas such as: kennels, catteries, zoo keeping, breeding facilities, farm work, rescue work, veterinary nursing, conservation, research work, pet food manufacturers and a vast range of other animal related industries.

Animal Care courses :