Level 2 Military and Uniformed Services
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About this course

The objective of this unique course held at the Lackham campus is for those who would like to work specifically towards a military career rather than a generic uniformed public services course.  

The Military Preparation Course is designed to provide an insight into what the military can offer as well as preparation for entry to a chosen career.  In addition you will be provided with knowledgeable support and guidance in areas such as researching roles, finding out entry criteria and finally applying for a career in one of the armed forces

Through both class based and outdoor lessons and utilising the 600 hectares of land to operate on; you will be challenged through a wide variety of command task exercises that will improve your team working, communication and problem solving skills; these will generate evidence for other aspects of the course in a stimulating and enjoyable way.

You will be working closely with military recruitment and engagement teams from the 3 services who will provide face to face exposure for all learners to meet and work with service personnel.

The British Army residential “Look at Life” programme will satisfy the course work experience element and with possible visits to both the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force you will get opportunities to discuss with military personnel at work and see the equipment they use.

This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed for your future career in the military.

What will I learn?

During the one year course, you are required to study a variety of units which are fundamental to your programme of study:

Investigate employment in the uniformed services - This unit will help you prepare for the application process to a military service. You will learn about the different roles involved in the armed forces and how the military operates. You will be given the opportunity to assess your own career goals and refine your interview skills through interactive sessions with military recruitment teams.

Physical fitness for the uniformed services - In this unit you will learn about fitness testing used by a military service and about the required standards of physical fitness both for entry and subsequent service career. You will be given an opportunity to assess your own fitness against specific criteria and to develop and refine a personal programme of fitness training to help you achieve and maintain the levels of fitness necessary for admission to your chosen military service. You will also consider how diet and exercise contribute to your overall fitness levels.

Develop team working and problem solving skills - In this unit you will learn how to plan for team working and problem solving through command tasks based around military scenarios both in and outdoors. You will become familiar with team dynamics and review and feedback techniques.

Health and Safety in the uniformed services - In this unit you will explore health and safety issues in relation to the armed forces. You will become familiar with methods for identifying and reducing hazards and risks. You will also gain knowledge of safe manual handling and the control of hazardous substances.

Health and hygiene in the uniformed services - In this unit you will learn about the importance of maintaining personal hygiene and the risks associated with poor personal hygiene when on armed forces deployment. You will also explore the concepts of infection control and stress management.

Follow uniformed service routine - In this unit you will learn how to demonstrate efficient foot drills to specific words of command and learn how to avoid common problems in drill. You will become familiar with service routines and duties that will be expected of them within the military services.

Exploring equality and diversity for the uniformed services - This unit aims to establish some of the key definitions and concepts associated with equality and diversity. This includes stereotyping, labelling, prejudice and discrimination and the effects these have on individual and their units. You will also consider the role that the military services play in a diverse society.

Carry out map reading and navigation – as a key skill required in the military services you will become familiar with the main aspects of map reading and navigation. You will learn how to read different types of maps and how to apply these readings using practical navigational skills. You will learn how to use compasses, route maps and grid references and how to use these tools to undertake orientation exercises and how to walk on bearings

Undertake adventurous activities - this unit you will learn about different types of adventurous outdoor activities and why the military services use them. You will become familiar with the equipment and skills needed for participation in a wide variety of activities. You will gain an understanding of the environmental concerns related to activities and how to ensure your own personal safety while participating. You will become familiar with the legislation involved in adventurous outdoor activities and will learn the importance of safety procedures while undertaking them.

Entry requirements

4 x GCSE at grade D or above (or equivalent) including English and Maths or a Merit in a related subject at Level 1.

Candidates should be physically and medically fit; enthusiastic and willing to work hard.  You will need to attend a selection day and interview at college.

Study, assessment and qualifications

You will be continually assessed through practical observation and written assessment. The qualification is graded between Pass, Merit and Distinction. Directed self-study will be required.

A completed Portfolio of work will be handed in and assessed during and at the end of your course.  In addition you will also be assessed on the areas of punctuality, attendance and physical fitness as these are necessary qualities required in the armed forced.

Additional costs and information

There will be a requirement to pay £200 for a variety of compulsory course related expeditions and outdoor activities. You will also require some personal items e.g. waterproof jacket and trousers/rucksack etc. for use during some of the expeditions and activities.

There will also be a requirement to purchase a uniform at a cost of approximately £150. This will be available for purchase from the college shop

Financial assistance may be available for learners who qualify. Learners should contact Customer Services at the college for further details and a bursary application form.

This is a physically demanding course that will require continual fitness training and testing. You will be required to undertake a minimum of 30 hours of work experience with the British Army.

What could I do next?

Upon successful completion, you should be prepared for the Armed Forces entrance tests to join as a recruit. If you also achieve the correct grades in English and maths then following a successful interview you will be able to progress on to the Level 3 90 Credit Diploma in Public Services or other equivalent level qualifications, such as the Level 3 Diploma in Sport.

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