Computing for the Terrified - Spreadsheets
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About this course

Learners who have a basic knowledge of using a computer or laptop, with little or no experience of Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.  As a minimum they should have completed CFTT The Essentials one week course or be at that level or higher.  This is a three week course comprising two hours per week.

What will I learn?

The aim of the course is to give the learners the basic skills to enable them to use Excel to produce simple spreadsheets and charts.

On completion you should be able to:

  • Open Excel
  • Enter data and calculate using formulae
  • Format spreadsheets
  • Use spreadsheets to display data using charts
  • Save to appropriate folders and print work    

The following topics will be covered during this course:

  • Learning basic Excel terms
  • Creating spreadsheets to add, takeaway, multiply and divide
  • Using AutoSum
  • Learning how to replicate formulae
  • Formatting text, borders and background
  • Creating bar, line and pie charts
  • Formatting chart titles, axis, legends, colours and styles
  • Embedding spreadsheet or chart in other Microsoft package - Word for example

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements, however learners are expected to know how to use a computer (ie turn on and off, log in and use a mouse)  possibly having completed the CFTT The Essentials one week course or be at that level or higher.

Study, assessment and qualifications
Assessment is informal, based on your personal targets and the learning outcomes and will be undertaken regularly with you by the course tutor. There are no formal qualifications associated with this course.
Additional costs and information
You should bring with you a notebook and pen, or other method of taking notes. There will be a PPT presentation that will be given as a handout and a workbook to use.  Please note that the course is a combination of tutor taught and individual learning using the workbook with tutor support.
What could I do next?
You could enrol on another of our CFTT courses, Internet and Email, PowerPoint Presentations or Word Processing, full details of which can be found in the college's directory of part time courses.