Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Construction Plant or Machinery Maintenance (Construction) (OSAT)
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About this course

This course is intended for those who already are in a career in Construction Plant Maintenance. You will have already developed a wide range of practical skills and knowledge through your work, but may not have a formal qualification at this level. This course allows your knowledge and skills to be assessed, leading to the award of an industry recognised formal qualification.

The course allows you to build a portfolio of evidence demonstrating your industrial competence in Construction Plant Maintenance at Level 3. It is based on the work that you do in your existing employment, without the need to attend college. The course usually lasts between 18 and 24 months, depending on the rate of accumulation of portfolio evidence and the achievement of additional criteria. The portfolio is designed to show competence for a range of knowledge and skills, together with appropriate practical experience.

Usually you progress onto this programme following your successful achievement of the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Construction Plant Maintenance. However, if you can prove a history of working in Construction Plant repair or appropriate alternative engineering disciplines and are suitably 'skills matched', then direct access to the Level 3 may be possible without first completing the Level 2.

What will I learn?

There is no training carried out at College, as all evidence and underpinning knowledge is gained solely from the workplace. The qualification consists of 8 units, 5 of which are mandatory core units. The remaining 3 are drawn from a menu of options and will be selected as a result of discussions between you, your Assessor and your employer.

The 5 mandatory units cover:

• Service and maintenance of construction plant
• Repair and overhaul of plant to return to service
• Fault diagnosis
• Testing following repair
• Use of allocated resources

Entry requirements
Entry onto this course is subject to a review involving you, your employer and Wiltshire College to ensure you will be able to generate the necessary workplace evidence.
Study, assessment and qualifications
In order to successfully complete the Level 3 NVQ Diploma, you will need to provide sufficient, valid evidence and related underpinning knowledge in a portfolio of evidence within a timescale agreed between your employer, Wiltshire College and you. Due to a qualification review by the awarding organisation, the quantity and titles of units are subject to change.