Knitting and Crochet - Beginners
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About this course

In recent years, knitting has experienced something of a revival, giving you the opportunity to express your own individuality.

Although knitting is usually done by one person alone, it is also a social activity which for centuries has been undertaken in gatherings of like-minded individuals.

If you are fascinated by this ancient craft and would like to learn the basic skills, come along and join in this one-day workshop which is aimed at the complete beginner and those with very limited knowledge of both knitting and/or crochet.

You will practise techniques and produce samples you can refer to at home. You will be offered lots of help, so please don't worry if it all sounds "double-knitting dutch", the aim is to enjoy yourself as well as to learn. You will certainly have some fun getting to grips with needles, wool and patterns!

What will I learn?

The aim of the course is to introduce you to the techniques of casting on, the basic stitches, how to follow a simple pattern and to understand those abreviations in either knitting or crochet!

The following topics will be covered during the course:


  • Casting On - the first step in knitting and which forms the first row of stitches
  • Knit and Purl Stitch - the two basic stitches
  • Elementary Stitch Patterns- stocking, rib and cable
  • Increase and Decrease- adding and reducing stitches to produce shaping
  • Casting Off - how to finish off and neaten your work
  • Knitting Terminology - understanding pattern abreviations and instructions.


  • Casting On - using the basic chain stitch
  • Elementary Stitches - variations to the basic stitch to create patterns
  • Increase and Decrease - adding and reducing stitches to produce shaping
  • Casting Off - how to finish off and neaten work
  • Crochet terminology- understanding the pattern abreviations and instructions.

On completion, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate your skills in some or all of the basic techniques
  • Complete some small samples showing a range of stitches
  • Demonstrate an understanding of pattern abbreviations
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the wide range of commercial wools and yarns available to add interest to your future knitting projects.

It is hoped that students will start a small easy project that they can finish off at home and gain confidence to read a pattern and develop their new skills in the future.

Entry requirements
There are no entry requirements associated with this course.
Study, assessment and qualifications
There are no final qualifications associated with this course.
Additional costs and information

You will need to bring with you your own knitting wool, knitting needles in a range of sizes and crochet hooks. Please also bring with you any unusual yarns. You should also bring an A4 Ring Binder with plastic pockets to hold your samples and tutor handouts on techniques and a notebook and pen.

Please bring a packed lunch; tea and coffee will be available.

What could I do next?

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