Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement
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About this course

This Award is appropriate for you if your role involves:

• Training and assessing learners against agreed standards of competence of vocationally-related qualifications
• Giving learners feedback on your assessment decisions
• Contributing to the internal quality assurance processes

The activities you are likely to be involved in include:

• Developing/identifying relevant resources for learning and assessment
• Planning the assessment process with learners and other people involved
• Helping learners to meet the agreed assessment requirements
• Reviewing the learners’ level of competence and identifying what they need to do to be fully competent
• Supporting learners with different needs throughout their assessment
• Using a variety of assessment methods
• Making a record of your assessment decisions
• Giving learners feedback on their performance and reviewing their progress throughout the assessment process
• Working with other people in the assessment process such as other teachers or trainers and the internal quality assurer
• Participating in Standardisation activities
• Evaluating your own practice

What will I learn?

This unit based award assesses competence; that is the skills, knowledge and understanding in a college or training environment. It consists of 2 units and the standards describe the breadth of performance that is expected of anyone working in the industry or sector which the award covers.

Units will include:

• Developing plans for assessing achievement with learners
• Delivering training to help learner meet the national occupational standards of the relevant VRQ
• Judging evidence against agreed standards to make assessment decisions
• Giving learners feedback and support on your assessment decisions
• Contributing to the internal quality assurance process
• Reflecting on your practice

Entry requirements
You should be working in a role where you are supporting and reviewing assessments with learners in order to undertake this course.
Study, assessment and qualifications

Evidence will be assessed using one or more of the following assessment methods:

• Observation
• Examination of evidence
• Questioning
• Professional Discussion

You are advised that approximately three hours a week of independent study will be required.

Additional costs and information
Assessor-candidates will need a minimum of 2 learners who are undertaking a vocationally-related qualification.
This is a roll-on roll-off course and it would normally take between 6 and 8 months to complete.
What could I do next?
The next step could be to complete the Certificate in Assessing in the Work Environment if you are able to meet the evidence requirements of the unit for assessing competence in the work environment.