Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice
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About this course

This Award is appropriate for you if your role involves:

• Evaluating the internal assessment process
• Monitoring and reviewing internal assessment audit systems
• Carrying out related internal verification or moderation activities
• The activities you are likely to be involved in include:
• Ensuring health, safety and environmental protection procedures are applied within assessment arrangements
• Applying and monitoring equal opportunities and access procedures throughout all assessment procedures
• Monitoring the performance of assessors
• Supporting assessors to develop their skills
• Monitoring and supporting the people and organisations who provide administrative support to the assessment process
• Monitoring and making recommendations on the resources needed to evaluate the assessment process
• Ensuring an appropriate balance of candidates to assessors
• Monitoring and reporting on the achievement rates of candidates
• Monitoring the progress and satisfaction of candidates
• Meeting the assessment requirements of awarding bodies and other external agencies

What will I learn?

This unit-based award assesses competence; that is the skills, knowledge and understanding you have, in a work situation.

You will learn about:
• Carrying out and evaluating internal assessment and quality assurance systems
• Supporting assessors
• Monitoring the quality of assessors' performance
• Meeting external quality assurance requirements
• Evaluating own practice

Entry requirements
You should already be employed and working in a role where you monitor and support internal processes and practices in order to undertake this course.
Study, assessment and qualifications

OCR has identified the following main assessment methods which are suitable for this qualification:
• Observation
• Examination of evidence
• Questioning
• Professional discussion

You are advised that at least three hours a week of independent study will be required.
This is a roll-on roll-off course which is about confirming competence in your practice as an internal quality assurer and would normally take between 6 and 9 months to complete.