NVQ Diploma in Materials Processing and Finishing Level 3
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About this course

This course is aimed at individuals working in the engineering sector in a role where they carry our material processing or finishing.

The typical work roles that are suitable for this course are;

Process Engineer (Casting) - Responsible for ensuring the process is continually optimised. This will be by defining key process variables, implementing control measures and managing result data to ensure optimum performance is maintained.

Mould and Core Maker (semi-skilled) - Making or forming wax or sand cores or moulds used in the production of metal castings in foundries.

Sand Caster - Producing sand moulds using loose and plated patterns. Locating, assembling and setting cores. Closing and securing sand moulds for casting Die Caster Press Tool & Mould Design / Modification, 3D Surface Modelling, Die Pattern and Casting Checks, Part Inspections and Quality Confirmations, Project control, Cost tracking, Supplier Support, Production Support and Process Planning.

The course can be used for those indiviuals with prior knowledge and skills who are yet to obtain formal recognition for these skills

What will I learn?

Although the course will confirm an individuals' understanding of theory and their ability to apply these by way of practical activities, it will also challege and stretch the learner, where there are gaps in their knowlege or practical skills.

Entry requirements

The learner must be in full-time employment and workiing in a material processing or finishing role

Study, assessment and qualifications

The course is delivered at the individuals place of work, with the College Assessor visiting every 6-8 weeks.

During an Assessor visit, actions are agreed and a continued portfolio of evidience is built moving forward, proving the learners' understanding of the theory behind the subject matter and ability to apply this in their day to day practical activities.

Additional costs and information

Apart from the course fee, there is no other cost

What could I do next?

On completing this course, the learner might want to consider an alternative NVQ Level 3 course, or a NVQ level 2 in Business Improvement Techniques.