NVQ Diploma in Engineering Technical Support Level 2
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About this course

This course is aimed at indivduals who are employed and working in a Technical Support role within the engineering sector. Typical work roles that would suit this course would be:

Production Engineering (semi-skilled) - day to day support for manufacturing/ engineering processes

Non-Destructive Testing - carrying out radiographic, ultra-sonic, dye penetrant and magnetic particle inspection on components manufactured in metals, alloys and composites

Technical Support - providing support for areas of the technical support function including communications software, test tools, performance, capacity planning, and e-commerce technology as required. You will be working as a team member to develop, design and implement technical support systems or to complete speciality functions

Quality Control Inspector - carrying out end of operation inspection to ensure machined components meet the required tolerance and surface finish requirements

Metrology Assistant - assisting with the calibration of manufacturing gauges and measurement devices in controlled temperature environments to ensure they are accurately calibrated to required standards

This course is also ideal for obtaining formal recognition, in the way of a qualification for the skills you have already acquired in your career.

What will I learn?

The course will not only confirm your prior knowledge and skills, but also challenge and stretch the learner where there might be a gap in thier theory or practical skills

The course is also ideal for obtaing formal recognition for those who have been working in this role for a while

Entry requirements

Applicants will need to be in full time employemnt working in a technical support role.

Study, assessment and qualifications

The course is delivered at the learners place of work, with the College Assessors visiting every 6-8 weeks.

During an Assessor visit, actions are agreed and a continued portfolio of evidience is built moving forward, proving the learners' understanding of the theory behind the subject matter and ability to apply this in their day to day practical activities.

Additional costs and information

There are no additional costs for this course.

What could I do next?

On completing the course, the learner might want to consider another NVQ level 2 course in engineering or progress onto the NVQ level 3 in Technical Support.